Work program

CORE consists of four work packages, which are strongly linked and feature complementary methodology:

  • Development of theoretical framework (WP1): A model based on cooperative game theory will be developed, which captures the key features of international climate policy and technological uncertainty.
  • Modelling and technology analysis (WP2): The technological development of key mitigation technologies and associated uncertainty will be integrated into the CGE model DART, which is then run to generate inputs (i.e. a value function) for the specification of the model developed in WP1 to be used in the subsequent WPs.
  • Experiments (WP3): A field experiments will be conducted with members of national delegations and other stakeholders at international climate conferences. Furthermore, a controlled laboratory experiment will be carried out with students to compare findings and to test implications of the theoretical model developed in WP1. 
  • Policy Analysis (WP4): The refined DART model from WP2 will be used to analyse economic and environmental effects of policy options emerging from WP1 and WP3.

The work program is summarized in the following graphic:

Overview on work packages


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